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Physician Formulated | Organic | Vegan | Cruelty Free | Gluten Free | Paraben Free ❤️


Growth Genesis Shampoo for Hair Growth + Repair

GROWTH GENESIS 5 in 1 SHAMPOO by GENOVIEMD: Our Hair products are specifically designed to nourish, treat, hydrate the scalp, and repair Keratin bonds within existing hair while reducing hair loss & stimulating hair growth with clinically proven ingredients with a small enough molecular weight to absorb deep within the dermis to the root of the hair follicle.


Our Proprietary Ingredients:

  • BAICAPIL TM: Patented Hair growth ingredients derived from the Chinese Skullcap Flower which has been used for thousands of years for hair growth, hormone balancing and keratin repair. Clinically proven to decrease hair loss 28% and increase new growth 68% within 3 months.
  • Omega 3’s:Moisture for scalp to prevent drying,
    dandruff  and hair loss, breakage prevention
  • Growth-Genesis ™ Fibers: Patented keratin forming  Plant 
    Amino Acid Fiber nano technology- gives instant appearance of longer fuller hair due to plant fibers bonding to hair
  • Shea Butter: Moisture for scalp and hair- Keratin promotion, frizz reduction, split end repair, volume, shine


97% of customers saw fuller thicker longer looking hair within one week. 97% saw reduced split ends and increased volume and shine within 1 week. 100% would recommend to a friend.



  • 97% of patients saw longer healthier thicker looking hair with 3 weeks of use
  • 94% of patients saw a reduction in appearance of split ends within 1 week
  • 97% saw up to 300% increase in volume instantly with LeClaire Volume Powder
  • 100% of patients said they would recommend LeClaire Beauty to a friend.
  • 100% of patients saw longer thicker healthier shinier looking hair in 1 week of use

** 36 person 4 week 3rd party conducted study  of Growth Genesis Shampoo, Conditioner, Powder by GenovieMD



  • Baicapil™- Chinese  Skullcap Flower Extract Clinically proven to
    increase hair growth by 68%, fall out reduction 28%
  • Growth-Genesis ™ Fibers- Patented keratin forming  Plant  
    Amino Acid Fiber nano technology- gives instant appearance of longer fuller hair due to plant fibers bonding to hair
  • Peptides- Hair/ Keratin and Collagen formation, frizz  reduction
  • Botanicals- Moisture, Hydration, Nourishment, split end repair, scalp nourishment for optimal hair growth, shine and volume